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Keeping Your Pool Gorgeous

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2 Advantages Of Using A Winter Safety Pool Cover Instead Of A Tarp

As fall approaches, you are  probably already making plans to winterize your pool. In the past, you may have used a tarp to cover the pool to protect it. However, you may be wondering if there is an option that allows for better coverage, protection, and safety. If so, consider the advantages of installing a winter safety cover over your pool instead of using a tarp.

1.  Stays in Place Better Than a Tarp

One major advantage of using a winter safety cover instead of a tarp is that it stays in place better than a tarp. If you have had experiences in the past with a tarp during winter weather, this benefit is one you may appreciate. With a tarp, when winter storms with high winds come through your area, the ends of the tarp are oftentimes blown loose. To keep the snow and ice from filling your pool, you have to go out in the storm to refasten the lines of the tarp.

However, with a safety cover, you will not have this issue. Since the cover is constructed from hard materials and lays directly in line with the pool's decking, it is more durable and rigid than a tarp. Because of this, the cover will stay in place throughout the most severe winter weather.

2.  Offers Better Safety Features Than a Tarp

Another advantage the pool cover has over a tarp is that it offers better safety features. When you lay down a tarp, its main purpose is to protect the pool itself. If a young child or animal ventures out onto the tarp, there is a high possibility that the tarp will succumb under their weight. Then, if the child or animal falls into the water, the tarp could keep them from reaching the surface.

However, when you cover your pool with a winter safety cover, its durability keeps it from folding under the weight of an adult, much less a small child or pet. The covers are designed to be strong enough to walk on, which means that there is a lesser chance that someone will fall into the water.

While a tarp can offer some protection for your pool during the winter months, a more durable option that stays in place and provides safety features for your household members and pets is available. For more information about the benefits of winter safety pool covers, look for information on websites such as