Keeping Your Pool Gorgeous

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Keeping Your Pool Gorgeous

After we purchased a home with a swimming pool, we figured that we would be spending our summers lounging in our cool, backyard oasis. However, after trying for a few weeks to keep it clean and sanitary, we realized that pool ownership was more difficult than we originally anticipated. We found ourselves struggling to keep bugs out of the space and trying to troubleshoot problematic filters. Fortunately, through a long period of trial and error, we were able to solve several of our issues. This blog is made especially for people who own pools, so that you can learn how to keep your pool gorgeous and healthy.

Getting A Used Hot Tub? What To Know

If you have found a cheap used hot tub for sale or someone is giving their hot tub away, there are a few things that you want to do before you bring the hot tub home. You want to be sure that you're going to have a hot tub that is safe to use, that is easy to fill and drain, and that is free of bacteria. Here are a few of the things you want to do before and after you bring the hot tub home.

Create a Base

You want to have a solid place to put the hot tub down on your property. You could have a concrete patio poured, you could add rocks, or you could choose to have a deck constructed to serve as a base where the hot tub will be. It's important to have a flat and level surface so that the filters can work properly, and so the water can heat evenly.

Call a Plumber

If you would like to add a hose spicket or you want to connect the hot tub up to a water line, you'll have to call a plumber to see if they can hook the unit up to a water line. You may also decide that you want to drain the hot tub, and the plumber can create a drain pipe to into the waste pipes at the home if you don't want water to be pooled around your house.

Get Proper Chemicals

Maintaining a clean hot tub will have a lot to do with maintaining the property chemical balance within the water. Get hot tub chemicals and add them as necessary, and then get the pH test strips that are recommend to check your water balances over time when you want to get in. The chemicals are affordable and easy to store.

You also must be sure that you call your homeowners insurance company and tell them that you added a hot tub to the property. This way they know that you could have an accident with the unit, it could leak, and you want to have the proper coverage for any of these types of concerns. This is also an added asset for the property. Talk with the hot tub professionals in your area to find out how to maintain the hot tub properly with chemicals, and if you have any other questions about maintenance.