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Keeping Your Pool Gorgeous

After we purchased a home with a swimming pool, we figured that we would be spending our summers lounging in our cool, backyard oasis. However, after trying for a few weeks to keep it clean and sanitary, we realized that pool ownership was more difficult than we originally anticipated. We found ourselves struggling to keep bugs out of the space and trying to troubleshoot problematic filters. Fortunately, through a long period of trial and error, we were able to solve several of our issues. This blog is made especially for people who own pools, so that you can learn how to keep your pool gorgeous and healthy.

Why Is Your Pump Not Sucking In Water? How To Repair This Issue

The pump and filter of your pool are like the brains and heart of your swimming pool. Both are needed in order for your pool to work properly. Without either of them, your pool system isn't going to run properly and your water will be nothing but stagnant pond water. If your pump suddenly stops working, it can throw off the filter as well. If your pump isn't pulling in water, it's a problem that needs some attention. Read on for reasons why your pump isn't sucking in water and what you can do about it.

1. Your Skimmer Basket Is Full

One of the biggest reasons why your pump isn't pulling in water is that the skimmer basket is too full. If it has too much debris inside, it can block the water flow to the pump. Open up the skimmer opening and take a look at the basket. If it's full, turn off the pump/filter and reach inside to remove the basket. Empty the basket, rinsing it with the garden hose if necessary. Once the basket is empty, return it to the skimmer and turn the pump/filter back on. 

2. The Pump Filter Is Full

Some of the debris from the skimmer could have been pulled through the holes in the basket and made its way to the pump filter. The pump filter will block the path of these objects from getting into the filter, but the pump filter can accumulate quite a bit of debris if you let the skimmer basket get too full or don't empty it often enough. If your pump filter has a lot of debris inside, it isn't going to be able to pull much water through it. Turn off the pump and carefully open up the pump lid. Remove the filter inside and rinse it off with the garden hose to remove all of the debris, then replace it and turn the pump back on.

3. The Filter Needs To Be Backwashed

If the filter hasn't been backwashed in a while, the filter and pump may have lost some pressure due to the water being too dirty inside. Turn the pump and filter off and set the filter to the backwash setting, then turn the pump/filter back on. Allow the dirty water to wash out of the filter, watching to see when the water turns clear again. Once the water is clear, turn the pump/filter back off again and set the filter to the rinse setting. Repeat the process of watching the water run out until it is clear, then turn the system off again. Change the setting to the filter setting and turn the system back on again. You should notice a pressure change and a change in how much water is being sucked into the pump. You should backwash your pool at least once per week.

If your pump isn't sucking in enough water, it's an issue that needs your attention. Use the tips above to help you, or call a pool repair contractor for help with this situation.

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